Lampiris: recycle your own magazine.

When Lampiris, a provider of 100% green energy, wanted us to make a print ad we tried to keep it as green as their energy. So we turned HUMO a popular Belgian magazine into a ‘plantable’ magazine. All you had to do was bury it, water it and wait for it. In total enough magazines were sold to fill 5 football pitches with flowers. That’s a whole lot of green. And purple. And white. And yellow.

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2 thoughts on “Lampiris: recycle your own magazine.

  1. What was your relationship in doing this? Are you employees of HUMO? Trying to write include your work in a magazine innovation article.

    • ManuelPieter says:

      Hi Larissa,

      My colleague and me were the creative team that thought up this idea. We worked for LDV United at the time, the advertising agency for the power company in question (Lampiris).

      I hope that’s enough, if not let me know.

      Good luck with your article,

      feel free to post it here so we can see what else has been innovated lately :),

      Pieter Staes

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