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Lunch Garden: Lunch Buddies (CD)

Your kids don’t want to eat their vegetables? Just go to Lunchgarden.

Dim Dining: Tasteful Tattoos (CD)

To make a new hip and trendy restaurant stand out from all the other hip and trendy restaurants we had to do something different. But still hip and trendy of course.




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Play Sports: Steal the ticket (CD)

Telenet Play Sports is the main sponsor of the Antwerp Giants basketball team. This gave them access to a 1000 free tickets to their biggest game. But instead of handing out for free people had to steal it, from a basketball player.

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Black&Decker: Floor 99.9 (CD)

The SteaMop and SteaMitt from Black&Decker kill 99.9% of all bacteria.
So clean you can eat off the floor. We did exactly that and opened a unique 
and slightly bizar restaurant.
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Kia Park Assist

For our client KIA we reinvented park assistance. Meet the Kia Park Assistants, dedicated teams that help drivers with the biggest parking problem: parking fines.

Breaking through Chinese censorship with HUMO

In honour of International Press Freedom day we gave Chinese citizens an uncensored hand.

Feel free to buy an Uncensored article at

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The Muscles from Studio Brussels

Thanks to radio station Studio Brussels you don’t have to miss a thing during the festivals.

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Opel ADAM + ADAM Fix

We launched the new Opel ADAM with a very special option: a bicycle. Because honestly, sometimes the perfect urban car is a bike.


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How to make garbage bins interesting.

Sensitizing teenagers is a hard thing to do. Especially when it’s about throwing garbage in bins. So we turned garbage bins near schools into wifi hotspots in 32 cities. Drawing teenagers with their smart phones, and more importantly, their litter to the garbage bins.

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