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Black&Decker: Floor 99.9 (CD)

The SteaMop and SteaMitt from Black&Decker kill 99.9% of all bacteria.
So clean you can eat off the floor. We did exactly that and opened a unique 
and slightly bizar restaurant.
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Telenet: Disposable CamerApp (CD)

How do you show people how far we've come the last decade and more 
when it comes to technology? By taking it away, in a fun way 
with a disposable camerapp.
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Play Sports: Fanplan (CD)

Sports is not just about the players. It's the fans that drive them 
to greatness. So we made a platform where fans could win support in 
supporting their club.
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Child Focus keeps hope alive (CD)

To keep hope alive, we brought the posters of 6 long-term missing children to life using 3D mask technology. Giving these old, mostly ignored posters all the attention they deserve.


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Christmas Cookieswitch by These Days

To make our clients Christmas a little merrier we helped them to pick the perfect gifts for family and friends. How? By asking the targeted banners of their loved ones. Those things know everything after all…

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Royco Breakvertising (CD)

Analog tv is a thing of the past. With digital tv everybody watches what they want when they want. And most people don’t want to watch ads that interrupt their tv-show.

Time to update advertising on tv. So that’s exactly what we did at These Days.

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Opel Reincarnation

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to your old car. So we melted the old Opel Kadett of one emotional owner and used it to make his brand new Opel Insignia. A true reincarnation.

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