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Child Focus: Coins of Hope (CD)

To get attention for all missing children we made 1 million 
2 euro coins with the face of a missing child instead of our king.
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Play Sports: Fanplan (CD)

Sports is not just about the players. It's the fans that drive them 
to greatness. So we made a platform where fans could win support in 
supporting their club.
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Christmas Cookieswitch by These Days

To make our clients Christmas a little merrier we helped them to pick the perfect gifts for family and friends. How? By asking the targeted banners of their loved ones. Those things know everything after all…

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University of Antwerp on National Geographic Channel

Instead of doing a classic recruitment campaign for University of Antwerp that shows how much fun it is to study in Antwerp, we focused on something else. We gave our researchers and their research a chance to shine.

But how do you explain complex science like sewage epidemiology or macro-scanning X-Ray fluorescence spectrometry to average people in an ad campaign? Well, you don’t.

You get hold of experts like, for example, National Geographic Channel and make a complete tv-series about all the groundbreaking research you do.
Introducing: Behind the Science on National Geographic Channel.

Part of the campaign for the new series:

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Lampiris: Empty envelope

Because a green company shouldn’t waste paper.

The Lampiris envelope

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VMMtv: Casemovie casemovie

VMMtv wanted to send a DM to advertising agencies to tell them about their new and improved research tools.
Offcourse it’s not easy to get the attention of advertising agencies with a DM. Some even say it’s impossible.

But while we were watching casemovies of other agencies, instead of working, we had an idea: Why not make the casemovie itself the campaign. Indeed, why not?

So we sent all our contacts at advertising agencies an e-mail with the subject: Best campaign ever.
And a link to an advertising blog we made ourselves. Just click the link below and check it out.

A screenshot of the blog (click the link above to see the actual movie):

Think Media Magazines: Reach your man

We proved to mediabuyers that if you advertise in Think Media magazines you reach all men. Including your own.

AXA bank & insurance: Best Driver 2

We, together with Thiery Wiebking, made a racing game for teenagers and sent a free copy to 18 year olds. The faster you went (and the more damage you did) the higher your score. Except that in the end your highscore turned out to be your insurance bill.

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