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Child Focus keeps hope alive (CD)

To keep hope alive, we brought the posters of 6 long-term missing children to life using 3D mask technology. Giving these old, mostly ignored posters all the attention they deserve.


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Christmas Cookieswitch by These Days

To make our clients Christmas a little merrier we helped them to pick the perfect gifts for family and friends. How? By asking the targeted banners of their loved ones. Those things know everything after all…

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Childpornofilter by Child Focus (CD)

To raise awareness and get people to report online sexual child abuse These days developed an automatic filter that takes down any and all child pornography encountered online.

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Telenet Familie Stick (CD)

Our first project as Creative Directors at These Days focused on helping large families to take a selfie, with the entire family. Very advanced high tech stuff…

The Teleshop video that launched the new product on social media:

And the casemovie:


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Opel Reincarnation

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to your old car. So we melted the old Opel Kadett of one emotional owner and used it to make his brand new Opel Insignia. A true reincarnation.

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Humo’s Prank-a-Wanker

Another miracle of Humo! Thanks to free porn the male readers shot through the roof.

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The Miracle of Humo!

A miraculous campaign for the Belgian magazine Humo.



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