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Royco Breakvertising (CD)

Analog tv is a thing of the past. With digital tv everybody watches what they want when they want. And most people don’t want to watch ads that interrupt their tv-show.

Time to update advertising on tv. So that’s exactly what we did at These Days.

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The Miracle of Humo!

A miraculous campaign for the Belgian magazine Humo.



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Mobistar: testing the 4G network

For our mobile client Mobistar we sent 2 test subjects on the road to test the new 4G network.

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University of Antwerp on National Geographic Channel

Instead of doing a classic recruitment campaign for University of Antwerp that shows how much fun it is to study in Antwerp, we focused on something else. We gave our researchers and their research a chance to shine.

But how do you explain complex science like sewage epidemiology or macro-scanning X-Ray fluorescence spectrometry to average people in an ad campaign? Well, you don’t.

You get hold of experts like, for example, National Geographic Channel and make a complete tv-series about all the groundbreaking research you do.
Introducing: Behind the Science on National Geographic Channel.

Part of the campaign for the new series:

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MNM: Language camp

“Things go a lot smoother if you speak the language.”
If you don’t understand the campaign, you’ll have to learn Dutch.

tv commercial:


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Come a Casa: Etenstijd!

In this campaign Come a casa helped parents to get their kids at the dinner table. All they had to do is record their own tv-commercial with their webcam and choose when and on which channel they wanted it aired.

Just take a look:

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VMMtv: Kanne VV

To promote advertising on tv, we made a tiny local soccer club famous using only tv commercials.

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