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Lampiris: Empty envelope

Because a green company shouldn’t waste paper.

The Lampiris envelope

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Lampiris: recycle your own magazine.

When Lampiris, a provider of 100% green energy, wanted us to make a print ad we tried to keep it as green as their energy. So we turned HUMO a popular Belgian magazine into a ‘plantable’ magazine. All you had to do was bury it, water it and wait for it. In total enough magazines were sold to fill 5 football pitches with flowers. That’s a whole lot of green. And purple. And white. And yellow.

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Lampiris: Wrapping paper

100% green print ad for 100% green energy.

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Lampiris: Recycled posters

100% green posters for 100% green energy.

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Lampiris: Valentine bannering

Lampiris, a provider of 100% green electricity and gas, gave people the chance to show their love for eachother. Each visitor of their website could scratch a love message in a banner made of bark (instead of scarring a real tree). Their loved ones got a link to the site where they could find their personal banner/message.

This way Lampiris spread the love and their green filosofy by saving countless trees from permanent tattoo’s.

Check out: www.spaareenboom.be (your banner won’t be placed on a website as the campaign is over)

The website:

An example of an actual banner:

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